Obama campaign inflates job numbers by 40 percent for pricey electric car

May 3, 2012 11:21

Cutter’s speech appears to have been aimed at a new attack ad by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) that dinged Obama for sending “half a billion [dollars] to an electric car company that created hundreds of jobs … in Finland.” – The Daily Caller


By at The Daily Caller


President Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager got her facts wrong while she was trying to support the administration’s $193 million subsidy for a luxury automaker.


That company is Fisker, whose auto-factory in Anaheim, Calif. produces a trickle of $102,000 Karma electric autos.


In fact, the company’s California plant employs 500 people — or 200 people fewer that Cutter claims, according to data provided by Roger Ormisher, the director of global communications at Fisker


The company has received $192 million in tax money and is negotiating for more, Ormisher explained.


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