Obama losing over 40% to nobodies in Dem primaries

May 23, 2012 06:02

Encouraging news that even Democrats are realizing what a disaster the Obama administration is. 40 % of Kentucky voters went for uncommitted over Obama in the Democrat primary and in Arkansas 41% went for an obscure candidate that always runs.

Bad news for team Obama. Kentucky gets 90% of its electricity from coal plants and is an exporter of coal. Obama promised to destroy the coal industry in 2008 and is following through with tyrannical EPA edicts since he couldn’t get cap and trade carbon taxes passed even when he had both the House and the Senate. In three Kentucky counties Obama actually lost to the selection “Uncommitted.”

Kentuckians recently received notice from electric companies that rates would be going up due to the new EPA policies. That is not all that led to such a disastrous showing for the perpetually campaigning president.

These embarrassments add to the West Virginia debacle that had Obama competing with and losing over 40% of the vote to a jailed felon.

No wonder they seem so desperate to smear and intimidate Romney donors.




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