Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buds call for new Caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital

May 11, 2012 12:13

Can we stand four more years of DUHplomacy? Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi launches Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammad Mursi’s campaign: Mursi Will Restore the “United States of the Arabs” with Jerusalem as Its Capital. Wasn’t Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt? Doesn’t the Obama administration consort with the Muslim Brotherhood in America? Didn’t Obama’s “intelligence” chief say the Muslim Brotherhood was secular? Can we stand four more years of DUHplomacy?

Obama’s peace through weakness, appeasement and capitulation may please the leftists who hand out Nobel prizes for hope and change but left the world on the brink of another war.  The “death to America and Israel” Muslims see America as weak and ineffective. They taste the blood of the Jews. In a world of nuclear armed terrorist states Obama uses reset buttons and “harsh words” when confronted with threats to America and its allies.

Obama’s failure in the Middle East and especially with Iran endanger the world for decades to come. With china expressing support for Iran and a fifth of the world’s oil having to come through the straights of Hormuz which abuts Iran, a Middle East conflagration is almost inevitable. Obama’s appeasement and position of weakness only increase the possibility of a disastrous conflict.

Here’s another example of how the Arab spring has turned ugly as these Egyptians hold up a burning banner that says “One Nation for a New Holocaust”:



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