Union hate – member bashes Gov. Nikki Haley piñata with a bat -UPDATE – Nikki Haley responds to “union thugs” in “creepy” effigy bashing

May 24, 2012 04:19

South Carolina Democrats have fun bashing a Nikki Haley piñata with a baseball bat to cheers of the crowd. Can you imagine the brouhaha if this was a Tea party bash of Obama? Where is the outrage? These union bullies are typical of the left. If they can’t get what they want hey threaten and intimidate and even turn to violence. Just look at the Occupy movement that Obama and the Democrats support. It too is funded and and organized by the unions.

Unions are especially emboldened by the Obama administration. Obama made it very clear in his 2008 campaign that he would would rabidly support unions if they helped him get elected. Unions spent over $400 million and countless man hours on the Obama campaign. In return he has given unions over $50 BILLION in taxpayer money, thrown money at union only jobs, set up a radically pro-union NLRB, overturned decades of labor law in favor of unions, and required government contractors to be union.

Speaking the SEIU in 2008 Obama promised to make the union agenda the agenda of America. That is one promise he kept. Here it in his own words:

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