EU adopts plan to take over sovereign nations’ budgets – welcome to the EUSSR

June 29, 2012 09:09

Eurozone leaders backed a ten year plan that would give an EU treasury powers over national budgets.  The plan uses vague leftist socialist code words that could be interpreted to justify just about any decisions made.



By Michael Whipple, Editor

Just another step toward world government.

BBC News reports that:

“the leaders backed a eurozone roadmap heading towards fiscal union.

The 10-year plan, presented by Mr Van Rompuy, envisages the creation of a European treasury, which would have powers over national budgets.”

Eurozone leaders backed the ten year plan that would give an EU treasury powers over national budgets and ultimately lead to control over all its member nations. The plan uses vague leftist socialist code words that could be interpreted to justify just about any decisions made.

The first of “four building blocks” of the plan is:

“§ An integrated financial framework to ensure financial stability in particular in the euro area and minimise [sic] the cost of bank failures to European citizens. Such a framework elevates responsibility for supervision to the European level, and provides for common mechanisms to resolve banks and guarantee customer deposits.” [emphasis added]

Isn’t this the justification Obama and the socialist Democrats used to bail out American banks and take over the banking industry via the Dodd-Frank bill? The key here is “elevates responsibility for supervision to the European level” which means member nations give up their ability to govern themselves and yield to the central government’s idea of what is for the common good. Eastern block countries have already had a chance to see where this leads.

Building Block Number two:

“§ An integrated budgetary framework to ensure sound fiscal policy making at the national and European levels, encompassing coordination, joint decision-making, greater enforcement and commensurate steps towards common debt issuance. This framework could include also different forms of fiscal solidarity.” [emphasis added]

The European citizens will give up control of their own nation’s spending and borrowing. The nations that have been more fiscally responsible will subsidize the nations who have spent irresponsibly and become ever more socialist. A central European bank will enslave Europeans to the perpetual debt and interest payments to wealthy bankers similar to what the Federal Reserve system has done in America. The justification for this central control of the monetary system is much the same as was used to justify the creation of the Fed in the U.S.:  “to foster coordination and convergence in different domains of policy between euro area countries, address imbalances, and ensure the capacity to adjust to shocks and compete in a globalised [sic] world economy. [emphasis added]


Building Block Number three:

“§ An integrated economic policy framework which has sufficient mechanisms to ensure [taxation and punishment] that national and European policies are in place that promote sustainable growth [globalists’ code for centralized planning and control of every aspect of life], employment and competitiveness, and are compatible with the smooth functioning of EMU.” [emphasis added]

The “plan” goes on to explain “It is important, building on the principles spelled out in the European semester and the
Euro Plus Pact, to make the framework for policy coordination more enforceable to ensure that unsustainable policies do not put stability in EMU at risk. Such a framework would be particularly important to guide policies in areas such as labour mobility or tax coordination.” [emphasis added]

Note that this will lead to  a centralized taxing authority with enforcement ability. How will it be enforced? Will there have to be a Euro police? A Euro army to force countries to comply?

Jeffrey Folks writing at American Thinker exposed the Orwellian language of the left in using the word “sustainability.”:

“Large-scale central planning, even of the most ruthless sort, has always been the left’s preferred mode of operation.  Within the Obama administration, this planning has focused on achieving what the left calls “sustainability.”  Like so many core values of the left, sustainability can be made to mean whatever one wishes it to mean.  But apart from its meaning, one thing that is always involved in sustainable policy making is a dominant role for government.”


“As the great political writer George Orwell understood, the devaluation of human life is always accompanied and enabled by the corruption of language.  As Orwell put it in “Politics and the English Language,” “the decline of a language must ultimately have political and economic causes.”  Moreover, the relationship of language and politics is reciprocal: just as a corrupt politics leads to the degradation of language, a degraded language undermines political thought.  So it is with those who believe that things would be more “sustainable” if half the world’s people could be persuaded not to reproduce.”

A movement that is intent on controlling every aspect of life disguises its thirst for power with words that appear to be scientific and reasonable.  But when the language of the environmental left is examined, it turns out to be a fraud.

Central to the left’s fraudulent lexicon is that word “sustainability.”  Orwell would have spotted this one right away as another of those pretentious and meaningless words that political extremists find so useful. Instead of “sustainable,” he would have asked, why not a plain, old-fashioned word like “lasting” or “dependable”?  Why not, indeed?  Because those simpler words could not be used to disguise one’s intent.”

“Sustainability” and “sustainable growth” are the terms used in UN Agenda 21 and Local Agenda 21 to justify central planning of land use, transportation, energy, population control and essentially every aspect of your life. Is this what the Europeans really want? Or are they being scared into adopting these vague totalitarian concepts out of fear of austerity?

There are many in the U.S.  who are attempting to force this on Americans also. The recent Livable Communities Act is a central planning nightmare aimed at controlling where we live and work and how we travel. The words used to justify this totalitarianism are similar to what shows up in the European “plan” – “smart growth” and “sustainable development.”


Building Block Number four:

§ Ensuring the necessary democratic legitimacy and accountability of decision-making within the EMU, based on the joint exercise of sovereignty for common policies and solidarity. [emphasis added]

This looks like it would defend democracy and sovereignty but the explanation gives a more dire warning. “Moving towards more integrated fiscal and economic decision-making between countries will therefore require strong mechanisms for legitimate and accountable joint decision-making.” [emphasis added] Watch for ever more centralized power over what nations can decide for themselves. Remember that the European Commission president is a communist.

Welcome to the EUSSR.


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