Holder’s Contemptible Just-Us Department

June 18, 2012 08:08

Holder has treated the [DOJ] as a partisan arm of the Obama Administration. Now and for the foreseeable future he is just another Albatross around Obama’s neck. – American Thinker


By Clarice Feldman at American Thinker


Whether he resigns or is removed or spends the rest of this year responding to Congressional inquiries, [] Holder has treated the Department of Justice as a partisan arm of the Obama Administration.


… in an operation known as Fast & furious and his lies, obfuscations and stonewalling of the Congressional investigation of it. …. permitted 1700 guns to cross our border into the hands of Mexican criminals who used them to murder hundreds of innocent civilians, one of our own Border agents, Brian Terry, and to commit crimes in U.S border states.


Michael Walsh  at the New York Post, describes the song and dance Holder has been performing …


PJ Media’s Christian Adams has done an outstanding job revealing the racialists in Holder’s Department and their efforts to preclude fair elections.


Attention is focused on the outrageous, damaging leaking of national security matters, leaks obviously designed to show the president as something he is quite obviously not:


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