Pro-life group plans flash mob protest of NEA abortion agenda

June 21, 2012 07:29

The NEA’s radical leftist agenda also includes gun control, pushing the global warming myth, school based “family planning” clinics, reparations for slavery, gay indoctrination, preferences for women and minorities and the whole dirty laundry list of 60’s socialist radicalism.

The NEA convention is the focus point for a peaceful, positive, patriotic ‘Flash Mob’ Picket-&-Pray demonstration scheduled for Monday, July 2 from 9AM to 1PM outside the Convention Center in Washington, DC (801 Mount Vernon Place NW). Conservative leaders and activists are urged to promote this ‘flash’ event via social media like Twitter, Facebook, and e-mails.

“The NEA leadership suffered a humiliating defeat in Wisconsin’s recall election last month. Now, four weeks later, Conservatives have the opportunity to deliver another high-visibility reprimand to the NEA leadership — on their home turf,” says NEA/NJEA member Bob Pawson, a teacher in the Trenton Public Schools since 1980. “Despite the short notice, come support this important demonstration. Rain or shine since the primary picketing area on L-Street has a protective overhead covering. If you are coming, please send us an e-mail. Bring appropriate signs or posters.”

Citizens and conservative leaders who have serious disagreements with the radical left agenda of the NEA leadership over issues like abortion, gun ownership, homosexuality, sex education, climate change, illegal immigration, etc. should take advantage of this ideal venue to deliver a strong, front-page message of rebuke directly to the nearly 10,000 members of NEA’s leadership cadre — with hundreds of news media organizations present to cover the story.

“It’s worth your investment of time, effort, and sacrifice, to be at this ‘Picket & Pray’ demonstration outside the NEA Assembly. Don’t let the fact that it’s on a Monday stop you,” says retired Ohio teacher Judy Bruns, an outspoken conservative who served as an NEA Convention Delegate from 1998 – 2009. Bruns quit the NEA in 2009 after witnessing the mocking of conservative members to the point of bullying and virtual isolation of the union’s own delegates.

Pawson says, “Spread the word through your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Mobilize your pro-America, pro-family, pro-life organizations, churches, TEA Party groups, and others. Recruit activists, colleagues, friends and families — kids and teens, too — and just come to DC. Don’t look for leaders; be leaders. Come by automobile or MARTA (Yellow Line Train to: Mt Vernon Sq / 7th St. Convention Center).”

“July 2 is the first day of official business as 10,000 NEA delegates from all fifty states assemble for the opening session. Hundreds of world, national, state, and local news media organizations such as FOX, CBN, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS will cover and attend the NEA Convention. Since it’s a Monday, this ‘flash mob’ demonstration has the potential to be a top story in the daily and weekly news cycles of the national media,” said Pawson. “Especially since the NEA leadership is still nursing their wounds from the thrashing the union took in the Wisconsin recall last month.”

Bring your own issue-oriented signs and posters: Be sure that they are neat, bold, and clearly legible for news cameras. Wear relevant t-shirts, buttons, caps, etc. Truth Trucks welcome. Take up strategic picketing positions along the sidewalks around the convention hall — especially along L-Street and corners at 7th & 9th. Check Google Earth for preview tours. Smile. Be polite, civil, and courteous. Do not picket inside the Convention Center or impede pedestrians or traffic. Public access restrooms are nearby.

Pawson said, “The NEA Convention always takes place in a major US city during Independence Day week. What better way to discourage teachers with traditional American-family values from running to be delegates? They may as well have chosen Christmas or Easter. Every fourth year, the NEA Convention is held in Washington, DC — just before Presidential elections. The NEA endorsed Obama rather prematurely at last year’s convention in Chicago. I expect he’ll address the NEA Convention again this year; all the more reason for Conservatives to show up and support this event.”

“Why do millions of Americans oppose the NEA leadership? Why do hundreds of thousands of NEA members resent being forced to join — or pay steep agency fees if they don’t? It’s because the NEA leadership’s extremist, left-wing, ultra-liberal positions in social, moral, and political issues have nothing to do with collective bargaining. NEA’s leftist ‘educrats’ have dragged the union through the mud of dozens of divisive issues and candidate endorsements. It must stop,” says Pawson.

Bruns added, “In my opinion, the NEA is one of the most far-left organizations in America. It affects our children, and its influence reaches into our homes and society. Be on the public sidewalk outside the NEA Convention. Exercise your right to free speech — while you still can.”

Conservatives across America are encouraged to stage similar lunch-hour Picket-&-Pray ‘Flash Mob’ demonstrations at NEA affiliate offices in their state’s capital city on Monday, July 2.


The NEA Resolutions 2011-2012 include:

I-9 Global climate Change

The National Education Association believes that global climate change causes significant measurable damage to the earth and its inhabitants.

The Association also believes that humans must take steps to change activities that contribute to global climate change.

The Association supports environmentally sound practices that abate global climate change and its effects.[emphasis added]


I-17 Family Plannning

The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom. The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities. The Association also urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel. [emphasis added]


I-34. Gun-Free Schools and the Regulation of Deadly Weapons
The Association further believes that strict prescriptive regulations are necessary for the manufacture, importation, distribution, sale and resale of handguns and ammunition magazines. The possession by the private sector of automatic weapons and military-style semiautomatic assault weapons should be illegal, except for historical and collection purposes, which must be strictly regulated. A mandatory background check and a mandatory waiting period should occur prior to the sale of all firearms. The Association believes that minors shall not be allowed to buy, own, or sell firearms. The Association also believes that gun owners should participate in educational programs that stress responsible ownership, including safe use and storage of guns. [emphasis added]


Teachers unions are one of the top lobbying groups in the nation and have increased their required dues to help reelect Obama who has been particularly friendly to unions. The California Teachers Assoc. alone spent more than $210 million over the previous decade on political campaigning and has been a major contributor to bankrupting the state and ruining their educational system. data shows that the single organization that gave the most to super PACs in March 2012 was the National Education Association, (NEA) which gave $3 million to its own super PAC.

According to RiShawn Biddle in a Capital Research Center report:

‘The NEA took in an estimated $569 million that it spent on local, state and national political campaigns during the 2007-2008 election cycle, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics. This made the NEA the nation’s single-biggest campaign contributor for the 2009-2010 election period, the NEA has raised another $15 million to date – double the amount raised at the same time two years ago. This fundraising prowess is why Harvard University education scholar Paul Peterson declares that the NEA is “in a position to tell state legislatures what to do.”’


The NEA web site says “NEA recommends the following Saul Alinsky books to those members of our Association who are involved in grassroots organizing, especially Association Representatives (ARs) also known as building reps or shop stewards and leaders at local affiliates.”

Why would a teachers union recommend a radical socialist’s book that is a guide to overthrowing capitalism and turning America into a socialist state? Why would a teachers union recommend a radical socialist’s book that is dedicated to the ‘original radical’ Lucifer?

Your taxes fund teachers who fund leftist politicians to raise your taxes. Obama has made it clear that the union agenda is Obama’s agenda. See who your tax dollars support in the best government money can buy -top 20 public sector union paid politicians. Teachers unions are using your tax dollars to campaign against you and promote their radical leftist agenda.

The American Federation of Teachers recently hired a radical anti-American socialist as Deputy Director for Organization who was actually a leader of the Socialist Party USA.

We have to look at the creation of the NEA and its purpose. It should come as no surprise that it has nothing to do with bettering the education of your children. Although the stated goals of the NEA make it seem like a defender of educational rights, the actions of the NEA show that the ‘education’ they want to promote is more of a leftist indoctrination.

According to Discover the Networks (which you should read in its entirety):

“The NEA was founded in 1850 as the National Teachers Association, and adopted its present name in 1857. Promoting government-owned public schools and “modern” pedagogical ideas, this union permitted no private school teachers to join its ranks. These government-owned-and-run schools were modeled on statist European education in Prussia, and attracted socialist activist teachers who saw public school students as perfect subjects for re-engineering society. That remolding began with the anti-Catholic objectives of Horace Mann (1796-1859) and expanded to the anti-religious humanism of John Dewey (1859-1952).”

And this from Chronology of the NEA (which you should read in its entirety):

“From the beginning, they were determined to destroy the old education system in order to build the collective world of their dreams. Reporting to the annual NEA meeting in 1935, Willard Givens (soon-to-be executive secretary) wrote: “…many drastic changes must be made…. A dying ‘laissez-faire’ must be completely destroyed and all of us, including the ‘owners’, must be subjected to a large degree of social control…. The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order.”  Samuel Blumenfeld.”

From the beginning the NEA has sought to ‘re -engineer’ society through the indoctrination of a generation of students. Its working. While their real abilities in English, math and science have declined despite ever increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars, the push for leftists goals of a false ‘self esteem’ are succeeding in creating people who feel good about their inadequacy of education.

From Discover the Networks:

‘The NEA’s explicitly stated quest to “foster positive self-esteem” in schoolchildren continues to this day. In his book Inside American Education, Thomas Sowell observes: “Perhaps nothing so captures what is wrong with American schools as the results of an international study of 13-year-olds which found that Koreans ranked first in mathematics and Americans last. When asked if they thought they were ‘good at mathematics,’ only 23 percent of Korean youngsters said ‘yes’ — compared to 68 percent of American 13-year-olds. The American educational dogma that students should ‘feel good about themselves’ was a success in its own terms — though not in any other terms.”’


A big part of the agenda of the NEA is to remove Christianity from the schools and from the students themselves as the Chronology of the NEA points out:

‘Their goals and tactics haven’t changed. Take religion. Back in 1933, John Dewey co-authored the first Humanist Manifesto which called for a new world religion: “…a synthesizing and dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present.”


They have come a long way. Today, Christianity is banned from our government schools. Instead, students are immersed in the new global spirituality — a contemporary, idealistic blend of all religions — through classroom myths, rituals, symbols and multicultural experiences. This new spiritual synthesis has been adapted to fit the amoral, religious standards outlined by UNESCO’s Declaration on the role of religion in a culture of peace and Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.’


Christianity has been successfully drummed out of most public schools which has led to the rise in home schooling and private Christian schools. My own daughter was chastised and made fun of by her teacher and fellow students in a high school advanced placement class for her attendance at a local church.

Even more disturbing may be the NEA’s promotion of and adherence to the UN programs such as UNESCO. Chronology of the NEA points out:

‘Keep in mind, the NEA shares the UN goals on every point. Small wonder, since its leaders helped establish the United Nations in the first place. Back in 1946, it celebrated the formation of UNESCO as “the culmination of a movement for the creation of an international agency of education.” What the NEA had begun in secret would now be officially established by this new global management system. The NEA Journal announced the victory: “each member nation… has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum… is contrary to UNESCO’s aims.”

The same year, a NEA-sponsored world conference drafted a Constitution for a World Organization of the Teaching Profession. It would be “a mighty force in aiding UNESCO,” said William Carr, associate secretary of NEA’s Education Policies Commission.


Indeed, it would. Like the UN, the NEA promotes abortion, disarmament, world government and everything outlined in Local Agenda 21, the radical framework for a totalitarian globalism under the banner of “Saving the Earth.”‘

So there you have it. Its makes perfect sense now that the National Education Association (teachers union) would promote books by a radical Marxist who wants to overthrow the government and replace it with socialism. It also makes sense that 91% of the NEA campaign contributions go to socialist Democrats. And it makes sense that Obama continues to talk about hiring union teachers and rebuilding “infrastructure” to prop up states and cities with failed leftist union dominated policies.

Wake up to the money laundering scam that is the teachers unions. They don’t care about your kids except for how they can indoctrinate them into supporting Democrats and their agenda.

A professor at Berkely wrote about the left’s dirty little secrets of school indoctrination at American Thinker:

When the radicals grew up, many of them infiltrated the universities, schools, media,  and government.  Even the churches and the synagogues have not been immune.  In fact, the leftists have wormed their way into every aspect of society.

The debasement of children’s minds through sex education was concocted about a hundred years ago by Germany’s Frankfurt School.

Nine-year-olds learn to put condoms on bananas; middle school children squirm at talks about sex change operations.  By high school, free condoms are in plentiful supply.

The One-World loving UN has chimed in with proclamations declaring children’s “right” to masturbation.   And the deluded dupes running today’s public schools follow in lockstep.

The sexual immersion in today’s public schools doesn’t just stimulate kids to experiment with the opposite sex; it cajoles them to consider a gay or bi or polyamorous lifestyle.

There’s actually a word for what schools are doing; it’s a form of recruitment called “queering.”  This term became widely known after Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as his School Czar.  Jennings became notorious in Massachusetts for his “queering” of teens through instructing them on hard-core practices such as fisting and water sports.

But the news gets worse.  The latest craze (and I do mean craze) is teaching “gender diversity” to children as young as five.

Second and third graders were informed that gender diversity was natural; that it appears throughout nature and in the animal kingdom.  The fourth and fifth graders were treated to the song, “All I want to be is me,” while being told that they “can be a boy, a girl, both or neither.”

The progressives, of course, don’t publicize such training as queering or gender bending.  In classic doublespeak, they cloak the programs in noble terms, such as “safety training,” and “anti-bullying.” (Thus, Kevin Jennings’ position in the Obama Administration has been carefully crafted as “The Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.”)

Regardless of how the left spins it, children being forced to listen to one uncomfortable, repellant sex talk after another, is not safety.  It’s also not education.  It’s actually a state-sanctioned form of child abuse.

Uncle Henry may force a child to look at pornography; how is this any different in a child’s mind than the child being required to sit through sexual talks and films, beginning in elementary schools?

The demented relative will tutor the child that sex is pleasurable; that he’s doing this for her own good.  Note the similarity to teachers advising kids that it’s okay, even desirable, to have sex with whomever; that kids, in fact, have a “right” to it.

Teaching school children to become hooked on pleasure; coaxing them to try sexual practices that may sicken, even kill them; giving them license to change their genders. . . Is there a person in their right mind who can’t see that this isn’t just inappropriate; it is downright evil?

Those in charge of the sexualization of children are our postmodern Frankensteins;  they have engineered mad plans to steal the bodies and souls of our children.

How do we let this continue? Where is the outrage? They are destroying our society one child at a time. This is what has become of education under unions. It’s time to end the shackle of public unions and free our kids from the chains of federal involvement in education. Eliminate the DOE. Return education to the people in their respective states where it belongs. Ban the NEA from our schools.


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