The Bedlam of Statism

June 22, 2012 08:06

A statist or command economy is therefore a Sisyphean nightmare that grows worse with each new echelon of salaried mediocrities put in charge of regulating the latest “public concern.” .. This has been the incremental history of Progressivism, which has never had to look far for a “social ill” to cure and regulate. Any human action may be deemed a “social ill” and a candidate for taxation, regulation, or prohibition, from consuming milkshakes to stock or commodity speculation.



By at Capitalism Magazine


“Statism applies to any government … which swallows the lives and fortunes of individuals without regard for their rights. The identification of such governments as statist is relatively new, but the practice is of enormous antiquity…”


… statism in any of its forms has been established and tried, it has failed, causing economic dislocations and eventual collapse, the impoverishment of its most productive citizenry, their incremental or outright slavery, and an excuse to war on more prosperous and freer neighbors.


Why do men keep advocating it and imposing it in the face of the incalculable destruction, death and misery it has caused? It must be madness. A form of mental illness in politicians, leaders, and their followers.


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