The Common Denominator Between Riots Against Austerity Measures, Protests Against Tuition Hikes, And “No Zeros” High School Grading Policy

June 13, 2012 05:19

Instead of giving people what they deserve, or getting what you have earned, egalitarianism advocates making everyone more or less equal, regardless of character or conduct. So those who are less productive should get the same benefits as those who produce more, and the state plays the role of an equalizer of entitlements. – Capitalism Magazine



at Capitalism Magazine


.. we need a clear understanding what gives rise to the Greek riots, the tuition protests, and even the “no zeros” high school grading policy employed by the Edmonton Public School Board.


The common denominator between the austerity riots, the tuition protests, and the “no zeros” grading policy is a modern distortion of justice prevalent in the Western culture: egalitarianism.


If productive work and performance at school are regarded the same as unproductiveness and non-performance, then productive work and performance are not values at all. Without such values as production and knowledge (whether learned at school or elsewhere), we cannot survive.


If we are asked to adopt altruism and sacrifice our interests for the sake of others, we cannot survive.

Egalitarianism, the rejection of values necessary for human survival, and altruism are an interlinked triple threat to business.


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