Threat to the Republic does not come from Roger Clemens It comes from Barack Obama

June 20, 2012 04:26

The constitutional framers designed our system of government to restrict the president from making policy unilaterally and acting like a king. But Obama is making a mockery of our system of checks and balances. – IBD



From Investor’s Business Daily


…. only the latest escalation in a pattern of power grabs more fitting a despot.


… shows contempt for the elected representatives of the American people ….


…. betrays the American people ….


Obama explained to his socialist handlers that community organizing was small beer. He said he wanted to effect change on a massive scale, to revolutionize the U.S. system from within. To do that, he had to learn the legislative process and constitutional law. He had to learn how to manipulate it and use it as an instrument of political subversion.


His favorite law professor, Derrick Bell, taught him the Constitution, even in its amended form, is a racist document not worthy of respect. Therefore, Bell argued, all American law is illegitimate. “In the end,” Obama revealed in his second biography, “laws are just words on a page — words that are sometimes malleable.”


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