Condoleeza Rice: Our friends can’t count on us, our foes don’t fear or respect us

July 18, 2012 04:42

“Yes it is chaotic and tumultuous and dangerous, but what we’re feeling most is not just that tumult, we’ve been through tumult before. What we’re feeling is the absence of American leadership. Because, you see, when there isn’t a country that has a view of how human history ought to unfold, then no country, friend or foe, knows that there is indeed an anchor toward a better future.

That view is that free market and free peoples hold the future, that free markets and free people, peoples, will lead to prosperity, that free markets and free peoples will ultimately lead to peace.

And when the United States doesn’t lead; when our friends aren’t certain that they can count on us – and they aren’t so certain now – and when our foes don’t fear us or respect us, this is what you get: tumultuous, dangerous, chaotic times.

The world seeks, desires, American leadership. Yes they fuss about it sometimes, but when the United States of America decides that it’s just going to just be any old country, that it is going to be governed by the lowest common denominator collective will of the United Nations, this is what you get. And that is why we have got to elect a President of the United States who understands that the United States has to lead, has to inspire the people of the United States of America to want to lead, and who does it not through high flown rhetoric about hope and change, but through an essence from within himself that he knows this is truly an exceptional country, that we’re not just any other country.”

Complete transcript on the video.

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