Government kills kid’s hotdog business – we all did that?

July 27, 2012 05:25

A classic example of how government interference destroys free enterprise and people trying to help themselves instead of looking for a government hand out. This is Obama’s help for business.


Nathan Duszynski is a young entrepreneur who thought he was following the rules but multiple layers of government ended his dream of free enterprise broke and disillusioned. Is this what Obama means by government helping businesses grow?


ANNETTE MANWELL at The Holland Sentinel reported about the story:

“Nathan Duszynski, 13, decided he wanted a hot dog cart, so he could earn some money. But as he was setting up shop Tuesday in the parking lot of Reliable Sports at River Avenue and 11th Street — across the street from Holland City Hall — a city of Holland zoning official shut him down. Now, after spending more than $2,500 to start up his business, Duszynski is throwing in the towel, his mom said.


The cart cost $1,800, some repairs were needed and with the cost of food and the $208 temporary food vendor permit, the family is out some money “that we really didn’t have,” Johnson said.

“We’re just really irritated,” she said. “My son was almost in tears. Why do they make it where kids can’t do anything?”

Working the hot dog cart keeps him out of trouble and keeps him working, Johnson said, adding, “And he’s helping his mom and dad.”

“We worked when we were 9- and 10-years-old,” she said, arguing that too many children sit at home and play video games. “He’s always been taught to do more — read the newspaper, watch the news.”

He has already talked about running for an elected office, Johnson said.”


Without his teleprompter and his speech writers Obama has revealed his true beliefs about government and free enterprise. Much like his slip during the 2008 campaign when he told Joe the Plumber that “we need to spread the wealth around”; and his comments in the debate with Hillary where he said capital gains tax rates need to be raised for “fairness” not revenues; and when he showed his disdain for average Americans saying they “bitterly cling to their guns and religion”  this impromptu comment shows that Obama believes in a centralized, all powerful government.


This is also reflected in his signature achievement Obamacare with its myriad new regulations, taxes and dictatorial authority given to a government agency.

By his own admission in his biography Obama says he sought out Marxist professors and attended socialist conferences. He sat at the feet of pastor Jeremiah Wright for twenty years listening to the Marxist black liberation theology that teaches you can’t have salvation unless you give your wealth away. Wright’s sermons included disparaging “rich white folks” and damning America.

Obama was not only born to leftist radicals but was given a communist mentor in Frank Marshal Davis by his step father. Davis’ communist associations and activities are well documented. Obama refers to this surrogate father in his book as “Frank.”

Why are people surprised that Obama would be for an ever more powerful, more centralized controlling government and want to disparage and punish success, free enterprise, self-reliance and entrepreneurship?

The proof is in the pudding.

Plato said “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Get involved.


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