Romney rips Obama’s political payoffs vs layoffs – and Obama records

July 17, 2012 05:12

Romney questions Obama giving billions to politically connected campaign donors while Americans suffer in the Obumeconomy.

Obama records during first term:

Record number of Americans on food stamps

Record number of college graduates moving home with parents

Record unemployment among blacks and Hispanics

Record accumulation of debt

Record deficits every year

Record amount of money (billions) going to politically connected companies

Record government waste (billions lost on “green” energy companies)

Record gas prices

Record increase in electric rates

Record jobs killed in coal industry

Record reduction in oil and gas drilling on federally controlled areas

Record number of weapons given to Mexican drug cartels

Record costs of fuel for military ($59 per gallon for “biofuel vs $4)

Record number of vacations

Record number of fundraisers

Record number for rounds of golf as president

Record number of jobs killed by one bill (840,000 to be lost under Obamacare)

Record credit rating reduction for US

Record number of new rules and regulations crippling business

Record reduction in military readiness

Record number of allies dissed

Record number of foreign leaders bowed to

Record number of months of unemployment over 8%

Record low number of work force employed

Record number of months to recover after recession

Record number of self professing communists on White House staff

Record number of environmental wackos in cabinets

Record number of illegal appointments without senate confirmation

Record number lawsuits against states

Record amount taxpayer money given to campaign contributors (UAW $50 BILLION)

Record redistribution of wealth

Record amount of govt. reparations paid to one race- ($2 billion in Pigford)

Record number of foreign citizens killed by U.S. government program (Fast and Furious)

Record number of communist mentors (Frank Marshall Davis)

Record number of czars (unaccountable high paid influential “advisers”)

Only president with ties to unrepentant domestic terrorist

Only president to spend twenty years listening to racist anti-Semite pastor

Only president to have “sought out Marxist professors” and attended socialist conferences while in college (from his autobiography)

Only president with ties to national vote fraud organization ACORN

First president to assure the SEIU union that he would make their agenda America’s agenda

First president to overturn 75 years of labor law to favor unions

First president to take over a private company and give it to a union

First president to overturn history of contract law to put union supporters over legal bond holders

First president to give amnesty to illegal aliens without congress

First president to refuse to defend the Defense of Marriage Act

First president to support gay marriage

First president to order religious institutions to provide abortion pills

First president to ask Russia to wait until after U.S. election when he will have “more flexibility”

Only president to call for Israel to return to 1967 borders

Only president to have Muslim Brotherhood members in administration

Only president to have bowed to a Muslim king

Only president to have given medal of freedom to socialists








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