What Everyone Forgets When Debating Gun Control

July 26, 2012 05:34

Living is about more than just life, and whether the matter is sports that can kill, drink that can kill, or guns that can kill, you can’t really live if you’re suffocated with a Big-Brother bubble-wrap mentality. – American Thinker



By Selwyn Duke at American Thinker


… it would certainly save lives and countless injuries if people didn’t engage in mountain-climbing, hang-gliding, motorcycle-racing, trampolining, big-wave surfing, cave-diving, heli-skiing, and a host of other dangerous activities.


… perhaps consider reducing speed limits on highways to 5 mph, since this might save most of the 43,000 lives lost on the road each year. … since 40 percent of those deaths are alcohol-related, we can consider resurrecting Prohibition, too.



In fact, some among us will even tolerate death on a massive scale if we think the reason is good enough. An example is when the anti-gun left is willing to accept 1.2 million killings a year through abortion.


So if we’ll accept death through fun, should we question death through the gun?


Whether it’s a smaller person or a smaller group, firearms tend to even the odds. They help create parity, and that’s not what criminals want — they want easy prey. …  he’ll be reluctant to tackle a target that can target him back.


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