Why Obama Keeps An Enemies List – He’s a Marxist

July 2, 2012 11:56

Obama is committed to only one objective. He desires to move America to socialism, and he will sacrifice himself to make progress in the dialectic struggle of history. … At his core, Barack Obama is a Socialist. Marxism is his religion. – Western Center for Journalism



By at Western Center for Journalism


Marxists have always been comfortable with using any means to keep and increase the power of the centralized state. Barack Obama is committed to using all the force of government and coercion to achieve his goals.

This is why he threatens institutions such as the Supreme Court and treats the Republican House of Representatives as if they don’t even exist. He isn’t interested in compromise or coexistence with his opponents; he is committed to destroying them.


Obama has been bathed in Marxist philosophy his entire life. He was brought up in a home with a Marxist/atheist mother. He was mentored by a black nationalist Communist in Hawaii named Frank Marshall Davis. He was trained as a community organizer to employ the Marxist tactics of Saul Alinsky. He attended a church for 20 years headed by a black nationalist who despises capitalism and western civilization.


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