Ann Coulter calls John Kerry a gigolo

August 4, 2012 07:59

Where are Harry Reid’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Theresa Heinz Kerry’s last ten years of tax returns? What are they hiding. I heard they haven’t paid their taxes for ten years. It’s time for them to prove they have nothing to hide.

Where are Obama’s college transcripts and his writings? What is he hiding, his Marxist beliefs? It’s time to release the truth about Barack Hussein Obama.

Where are the documents from the gun smuggling scandal run by Obama’s sycophant AG Eric Holder? What are they hiding, the fact that the Obama knew about the guns given to violent Mexican drug cartels for political reasons that resulted in the murder of hundreds of people?

Where are the meeting records of all those lobbyists Obama met with OUTSIDE the White House so that he wouldn’t have them on the WH visitor logs? What is he hiding?

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