Media Muzzle Ms. Romney

August 27, 2012 08:13

Four years ago, the major media gleefully showed off Michelle Obama as her husband’s “secret weapon.” Now they refuse to broadcast Ann Romney because it would soften their version of who Mitt Romney is. – IBD



From IBD Editorials


Four years later, the Romney campaign is practically begging CBS, NBC and ABC to reconsider their decision not to broadcast Ann Romney’s convention speech, in which she will counteract the cold, mean capitalist caricature the press and Democrats have fashioned of her husband.


The irony is that the life of perhaps our next first lady is actually more interesting than Michelle Obama’s.

Nearly a decade and a half ago Ann Romney was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and four years ago, noninvasive breast cancer added another challenge. Yet illness didn’t stop her from winning gold and silver medals in Grand Prix equestrian competition, as well as being indefatigable in charity work improving the lives of inner-city adolescent girls.


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