Racism, Bigotry And Hatred On The Left Exposed By Covention Coverage

August 30, 2012 06:51

NBC News blacklisted all the minorities from its Web page highlighting “notable speeches” from the GOP convention Tuesday night. And the network’s hyperpartisan cable arm, MSNBC, refused to show them during its live coverage, cutting away each time to its lefty panel. – IBD


Obama's media


From IBD Editorials


After Mia Love — a black candidate running for a House seat from Utah — finished her widely praised convention speech, liberals flocked to Wikipedia to deface her page, calling Love a “house nigger” and “dirty, worthless whore.” On Twitter, they labeled her “Aunt Tom.”


A left-winger created a “Kill Mitt Romney” page on Facebook “advocating the murder of (the) Republican presidential candidate.” It got dozens of “likes” before Facebook took it down.


Tell us again how bigotry and hatred can only be found on the right?


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