Socialism and the Meaning of Investment by Government

August 6, 2012 03:17

Obama has merely accelerated our civilization-ending march toward a predominantly socialist system. – Capitalism Magazine



By   at Capitalism Magazine


… are Obama’s actual policies as socialist as his socialist rhetoric? The answer is yes, ….


… since the growth of the welfare state over the past century, only a small percentage of government spending is for services such as these. Consider these categories of combined annual U.S. federal, state, and local spending:

      Transportation: $293 billion


      Water supply: $70 billion


      Police: $127 billion


      Fire protection: $41 billion


      Law courts: $66 billion


    Prisons: $83 billion

In contrast, consider these much higher expenditures in other categories:

      Health Care: $1,080 billion


      Education: $941 billion


      Other ‘Welfare’: $679 billion


      Pensions (mainly Social Security): $1,017 billion


      Defense: $903 billion


      Interest on debt: $330 billion

When Obama speaks of the government ‘investing’, he is of course perverting the meaning of the word; he is really spending wealth confiscated from others.


… the government—in keeping with the fascist version of socialism—expects in effect to own the majority of ‘voting stock’ in the ‘business’ of your life, deciding what you must or must not produce or buy, whom you must hire or fire or work for, to whom you must sell, where you must and must not be located, and what methods of production you must and must not use. That is, it is ‘society’, not you, that owns your productive life.


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