The conscience of Congress

August 9, 2012 06:14

Long-time human-rights activist Rep. Frank Wolf wants U.S. foreign policy to focus on freedom of thought and human rights more than free and fair votes. – World Magazine


By Marvin Olasky at World Magazine


He was elected initially as a transportation expert, but trips to Ethiopia and Romania in 1984 and 1985 opened his eyes to assaults on human rights and religious freedom: He tells that story in Prisoner of Conscience (Zondervan, 2011). Here are edited excerpts from a recent interview at Patrick Henry College.


The growth of Christianity in China has made that country a frontline in the battle of freedom vs. oppression. What’s happening there? Hundreds of pastors are under house arrest and in prison. The faith community is growing dramatically.


China is as much a threat to us today as al-Qaeda is a threat to us today. Economically, it’s a major threat. Spying. Two months ago Mike Rogers, the chairman of our intelligence committee, said there are two kinds of companies in America: those who have been hit with a cyber attack and know it, and those who have been hit with a cyber attack and don’t know it. The Chinese came in and took everything off my computer.



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