Obama’s Recovery Is A Sham, And The Numbers Show It

September 28, 2012 08:32

Because of President Obama’s reckless economic policies — out-of-control spending, a regulatory surge, the threat of a trillion-dollar tax hike, ObamaCare and $5 trillion in new debt — we’re in deep trouble. – IBD



From IBD Editorials


As President Obama touts his “New Economic Patriotism” (see below), fresh data show just how badly his policies have failed. The old saying “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels” also applies to the economy.


The “recovery” Obama touts has featured GDP growth of 2.2% on average. There are today 261,000 fewer payroll jobs than when Obama took office — no growth at all …



Despite all this, Americans seem remarkably sanguine. Could it be that the media have systematically misinformed them as to how bad the economy really is?


We recall the 1992 election campaign, when the media put out relentlessly downbeat reports virtually every day about the “worst recovery since the Depression” — in a year the economy grew a robust 4.3%.




Also please consider this previously at usACTIONnews.com:

Economy stalls – heads for recession – Four more years of economic suicide?


Unemployment stays high, GDP less than 2%, trillion plus deficits every year and factory orders slide showing Obama’s inexperience and redistribution ideology is killing the economy and actually preventing recovery. Can we afford four more years of economic suicide?



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