Obama Using IRS To Punish Enemies

October 9, 2012 05:27

“That order had to come from the highest levels of government,” Root proclaimed. ”Obama is using the power of the IRS and other government agencies to punish his political opposition and intimidate and silence his critics.” – The Blaze


by at The Blaze


Root, [] claims to have received a call from an IRS agentwho said that he is a fan of Root and that it would be “an honor” to audit him — sentiments that struck the commentator as odd. The agent also told Root that he has read his political columns, listened to him on radio and visited his web site, and that he agrees with his politics.

“I found that very strange, actually chilling. It did not feel right. I got a sick feeling in pit of my stomach,” Root told WND in a recent interview. “Why would an IRS agent say such personal things? Why would he disclose that he’s a fan of mine and agrees with my politics? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?”

…  Root [] was hit with a new IRS investigation just five days after the last one. … The closeness of the two audits is something that Root’s lawyer claims to have never seen or heard of before.


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