Team Obama Callers Question Catholics Voting for “Mormon who doesn’t believe in Jesus”

October 8, 2012 06:10

While the campaign denies that faith will be used to hammer on Romney, campaign callers are pushing Mitt’s Mormonism as a reason for Catholics not to vote for Romney. This is Chicago thugocracy on display. Demoncrats have no morals. Their hero Saul Alinsky taught that the ends justifies the means. The leftist indoctrination camps we call schools have taught relativism and it is the amoral underpinning of the left.

Conservatives just can’t comprehend that a third of our society has no definition for lie. The campaign hyperbole demonizing Republicans, conservatives and Christians is meant to justify any and all actions of the left in pursuing their false Utopian agenda which is warmed over Marxist socialism taught by sixties hippie professors.

I’d rather have a moral Mormon for president than an amoral Marxist moron.

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