A silver lining for social conservatives

November 16, 2012 07:14

Liberalism offers help for the misery it creates. Its “compassion,” therefore, is forever needed.



By Mario Diaz at The Washington Times


From the social conservative point of view, the election results were bad. Really bad. That does not mean bad for social conservatives, though. It means bad for the country.


President Obama actually has been one of the most positive things to happen to the conservative movement in a very long time. He has positioned himself squarely against almost everything we believe and has delivered blow after blow in a relentless attack that has unified us in unprecedented ways.


In Mr. Obama, the liberal movement has found the ultimate salesman, promising a perpetual “helping hand” from government to those in need.


Sadly, people usually must undergo much distress to rediscover old truths. It seems this generation will need to go through some very harsh times before it wakes up. Things are sure to get worse before they get better.


Social conservatives usually are blamed every time we lose an election, but the fact is that social conservatives did some great work this election, …. the evangelical vote increased to a record 27 percent of the electorate, the highest share of the vote in modern political history.


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