Ignoring Questions, Obfuscating the Truth, Clearly Lying – Habits of Obama Admin

November 2, 2012 06:49

[T]his administration begging to be re-elected has handled Fast and Furious much like it’s handled Benghazi. It has ignored questions, obfuscated the truth, delayed legitimate fact-finding procedures, tried to run the clock out and quite clearly lied. – IBD



By IBD Editorials

… Holder, who has tried his best to dead-end the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious. He’s not likely to be any more helpful than he already has been — which is to say he’s been an obstruction.


Highest levels? Does than include Holder? Considering that the probe said “a series of speeches” made by him inspired the scheme, we’d say that’s a good bet.


Holder has bitterly clung to the story that he was not aware of the problems of Fast and Furious, which means he’s lying or has failed to exercise oversight.


Either way, he’s not fit to remain at the helm of the Justice Department. He should resign.


This administration runs on cronyism, distortion, lies, secrecy, division, tainted campaign money and the dangerous idea that it can operate outside of constitutional restraints. Obama doesn’t deserve another shot at being America’s chief executive and commander in chief.


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