Obama Re-election Brings No Change; Is There Any Hope?

November 7, 2012 08:27

Another four years of gridlock brings national bankruptcy that much closer. Then there’s the dead weight of ObamaCare, which will soon hit the economy with full force. – IBD



From IBD Editorials



He thrives on division and reflexively demonizes his opponents. When this behavior brings him a victory, as it did on Tuesday, we can only expect more of the same from him.


To that extent, the old “hope and change” of 2008 has devolved into “no change.” The American people, by a slim majority, have chosen to go through four more years of a presidency that doesn’t seem to have a clue about bipartisanship. What’s worse this time is that America has lost four precious years to work out the tax and entitlement reforms it needs to ward off fiscal disaster.


The voters could well suffer a bleak fate from their decision this week. But they may have thrown themselves a lifeline by keeping power divided in Washington. Gridlock is a bad way to govern, but it’s not the worst.


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