Time for More Liberal GOP? – No!

November 12, 2012 09:41

Every time a “moderate” candidate loses the RINO’s come out and raise the specter of a more liberal GOP. We don’t need two leftist socialist parties. It is the nice guy moderates who won’t call out the socialist Marxists like Obama for what they are that keep losing to the lies propped up by the sycophant press. Laura Ingraham explains.

Ronald Reagan won Democrat votes with the three legged stool of conservatism. Fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and social conservatism. Romney based his campaign on the economy. Romney failed to make the case for Obama’s failed foreign policy of weakness through appeasement and his radical left pandering on social issues: failing to defend the law DOMA, pushing the gay agenda, supporting abortion and infanticide. When “conservatives” are more like liberals they always lose.

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