What Christie Really Thinks of Obama – “blindly looking for a clue”

November 1, 2012 05:47

Christie has put the people of New Jersey first and fallen on his sword, sucking up to the Chicago thug with America’s checkbook. Christie knows that Obama will use his power to punish New Jersey for Christie’s harsh criticisms of Obama’s failed economy and lack of leadership. Christie can be bought. His price was helping his constituents get as much federal cash as they could.

Obama used that “promise” word again in assuring storm victims they would get everything they need and that he would be there until it’s all rebuilt. The only other promise he ever kept was to bankrupt the coal industry and make electricity rates “skyrocket.” Why should anyone believe him now?

He lied to us about Obamacare. You can’t keep your health plan or your doctor and costs are higher not lower.

He lied about the stimulus. It turned into a slush fund for campaign contributors and did not lower unemployment.

He lied about jobs. His policies have actually destroyed jobs instead of creating them.

He lied about transparency. His administration illegally uses private email accounts to avoid disclosure. He meets with lobbyists outside the White House so that he doesn’t have to disclose the meetings. He used executive privilege to hide documents involving the murderous gun scandal pushed to support gun bans without congress.

He lied about changing Washington. There is a greater partisan divide than ever. He recently admitted he hasn’t changed anything. In fact he has made things worse.

He lied about healing race relations. His policies and campaign rhetoric have increased racism. Hope and change has become attack and envy.

He lied about reducing the deficit. Instead he has had record trillion dollar plus deficits every four years accumulating more new national debt than all previous presidents combined.

Here is a video of some of Obama’s promises:

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