The Great Transference

December 4, 2012 07:38

[G]enerations of Americans who have grown up believing that it is not primarily the individual, out of his own heart and personal compassion who is to give alms, but Caesar and his vast concourses of bureaucrats, case workers, social workers, and experts in the nature of the human condition working tirelessly for “social justice.” – American Thinker




By Loran Blood at American Thinker



…. socialism promises our heart’s desires… but at a terrible and unforeseen price.


The present occupant of the White House, and the party of which he is an iconic if standard feature, was born into and suckled upon the milk of zero-sum economics, perennial class antagonism, class envy, and a neo-feudal status centered mentality of human relations. Like many of his generation and worldview, he is convinced there is a “better world” possible in which humankind can be redeemed and made whole through a moral regeneration imposed by sheer force of will by the state and by the cleansing influence of a purifying ideology.


Responsibility for and control of the kind and nature of welfare offered was long ago substantially removed from individuals and the communities in which welfare is needed. … it has also been politicized and bent to the political agendas of those controlling it.



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