Union Boss Directs Obama on Tax and Spend Plan

December 20, 2012 06:11

The corrupt and violence promoting union thug Richard Trumka seems to be pulling Obama’s strings on the ridiculous tax the rich scam that is only popular with socialist Democrats and uninformed citizen parasites.

See “Media Ignoring AFL-CIO Trumka’s Violent Background” for details on his promotion of violence and links to corruption. Trumka has bragged that he is in touch with the Obama White House daily and visits two or three times a week. See “White House collaborates with socialist union boss every day.”

Obama is vehemently pro-union regardless of its exorbitant costs to taxpayers. In his much touted “bailout” of GM Obama basically bailed out the union with $50 billion of taxpayer money and gave the union part ownership of GM and Chrysler. The unions have heavily supported Obama in both elections spending hundreds of millions to push Obama on the unsuspecting public. They have been rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Not only did unions get pensions bailed out and stock in major car companies but every time you hear Obama talk about “investing” in education or infrastructure that is union code for more funds to unions. Big public works projects are union. Education funding funds union teachers. This adds to the already huge pool of union dues that gets recycled into Democrat campaign coffers so that the unions can get more at taxpayer expense and the cycle continues.

Check out “The Best Government Money Can Buy – top 20 public sector union paid politicians” for a list of legislators on the union payroll. These people do not represent America. They are paid shills for the unions and Obama is one of the worst.


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White House collaborates with socialist union boss every day


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