Obamacare Burns Youth with 40% rate increase

January 8, 2013 10:09

What blind fools are American youth. They believed the greatest scam artist of history. “Vote for me and everything’s free.” was the impression Obama gave Americans in both campaigns. Now the Marxist reality is rearing its ugly head.

The young indoctrinated socialists can expect to pay 40% higher health insurance premiums if they choose to obey the law and get insurance. Since most can’t find a decent job with their liberal propaganda diplomas many will opt to only get insurance when something happens to them. This will of course drive up costs for the rest of us. Meanwhile the massive tax increases in Obamacare will slow the economy and kill more jobs.

The CBO estimated that Obamacare will kill 800,000 jobs over the next ten years. So much for Obama’s focus on jobs. Employers that still have employees are shedding insurance plans which will eventually drive most Americans to the health insurance exchanges to be set up under the Obamacare scam. This will drive all of the private insurers out of business and force the government to be the sole provider of death panel controlled healthcare. This was the plan all along. To cripple the industry so badly that it becomes nationalized healthcare. Obama and many Democrats are on video saying that this is the eventual goal.

Then we can enjoy the benefits of unionized government employee run healthcare like they do in England. Patients are often deprived of basic needs and at times have even been left to die in hallways or waiting ambulances. Welcome to Obama’s brave new Marxist world.


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