The Cuts That Really Weren’t

February 11, 2013 06:32

“[M]any of their “cuts” cut nothing at all.” The illusion of big “cuts” shows why there is little hope for saving America from the thieving politicians that continue ever increasing spending to fund their own power and wealth.



By at Washington Post


The Transportation Department got credit for “cutting” a $280 million tunnel that had been canceled six months earlier. It also “cut” a $375,000 road project that had been created by a legislative typo, on a road that did not exist.


At the Census Bureau, officials got credit for a whopping $6 billion cut, simply for obeying the calendar. They promised not to hold the expensive 2010 census again in 2011.

“Many of the cuts we put in were smoke and mirrors,” ….


Congress, for instance, “cut” $14.6 million from its own budget to build the Capitol Visitor Center. That changed nothing. The center was already built.


Often, this was made possible by a little act of Washington magic. Agencies got credit for killing what was, in reality, already dead.




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