In Little Rock, Black Community Gets Rocked by Abortion

March 8, 2013 07:24

A chapter of Arkansas Right to Life, addresses the number one killer in the black community and exposes the  Arkansas Eugenics Association now known as Planned Parenthood Association of Arkansas.



Aborted baby girl

Arkansas Black Americans for Life has partnered with The Radiance Foundation to launch a new billboard/web abortion awareness campaign. The initiative, entitled “Gone,” educates the public about how racial targeting results in the alarming number of abortions in the black community. Five billboards have been placed in Little Rock/North Little Rock for 5 weeks. Little Rock has a remarkable place in civil rights history ending the dehumanization of black Americans by desegregating their schools. The same racist Eugenics movement that implemented “Separate But Equal” policies also birthed the nation’s largest abortion chain–Planned Parenthood. The taxpayer-funded abortion giant has led in taking the lives of over 15 million black babies since 1973. They are irreversibly, gone.

Arkansas Black Americans for Life (BAL), a chapter of Arkansas Right to Life, addresses the number one killer in the black community and exposes the Planned Parenthood Association of Arkansas (formerly the Arkansas Eugenics Association). “Over the years many have fought against injustices contrived to dehumanize, extinguish and deprive anyone of being who they were — a human being with limitless potential to be great,” says Lekita Gaynor, co-chair of ABAL. “However, as light began to shine on us, it darkened on our unborn children who are unable to contend for themselves. If we don’t speak for those who cannot, who will? We are a voice for the voiceless.”

In Arkansas, 38% of the state’s 4,033 abortions are among black women. The black population in Arkansas is 16%. As is typical, nationwide, two of the state’s three abortion clinics are located in 56% and 80% black neighborhoods, while Planned Parenthood claims high black abortion rates are due to “lack of access.” Ryan Bomberger, African-American creator of the campaigns, dismisses the myth: “Planned Parenthood receives half a billion taxpayer dollars and they fail, miserably, but intentionally. They’ve not budged the national unintended pregnancy rate since 1995 while STDs, ‘unplanned’ pregnancies, new HIV infections and abortions soar in the black community.” Using Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports Bomberger points out: “They’ve killed more children, of any race, than ever before in their history — 333,964. Nothing else they do generates that kind of blood money. Abortion has made them a billion dollar empire.”

BAL and The Radiance Foundation advocate for the life-affirming alternatives to abortion (adoption and parenting), family-strengthening initiatives, and the Pregnancy Care Center resources that exist to help those facing unplanned pregnancies.


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