Why Liberals Support Gun Control and Control of Everything Else

April 17, 2013 06:08
Why Liberals Support Gun Control and Control of Everything Else

The liberal nanny state is not based on a liberal desire to improve the lives of others; it’s based on liberals desire to be nannies — that is, to run the lives of others. – American Thinker


By Tom Trinko at American Thinker


The ongoing debate over gun control is just another attempt by liberals to make the average American gun_control_worksdependent on the government in order to increase liberalism’s power.


… to increase the dependency of the average American on the government.


… liberals are all for making it hard to convict criminals who use guns, opposed to making it easier to ensure that those suffering from mental illness get the treatment they so desperately need, and fully in favor of early release for even violent criminals if a judge determines that the prisons aren’t providing a nice enough experience. Liberals even support furlough programs for convicted murderers,


Liberals have historically lusted for power to control how others live …


fascism_warningThere’s a chasm between saying that killing an unborn human should be illegal — which is acting to protect the rights of unborn human beings, not telling individuals how they should live — and telling people how large a cup of soda they can buy can be —


Liberals believe that their views, no matter how small the issue, are above all others and as such should be enforced with the full power of the government.


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