When the Storms Come

April 27, 2014 18:20
When the Storms Come

Out of nowhere comes a wind that wreaks havoc and destruction. Do we despair even though we have been warned?


By Michael Whipple, Editor

The wind howled outside the 200 year old farm house in Elizabeth City North Carolina Friday night. His mother was visiting and had brought along two of his nieces to help with the children while his wife is away at an EMT training camp.

It was supposed to be a productive week on boat building. A missionary couple, Patrick and his wife Rachel were building a 40 foot live aboard sail boat to use in their mission work. Rachel’s relatives were letting them live in the 200 year old farm house while they worked on their project.

They took $15,000 from their precious savings and purchased a 30 foot by 50 foot metal building to use as a boat building shop. With the help of friends and family they erected the building from the purchased components.

Work had been proceeding sporadically with Rachel’s surgery and the constant demands of their two young children. But proceeding it was. The hull frame was completed and sheeting the hulls was nearly complete.

An opportunity cane up for Rachel to attend an intensive three week course to become an EMT. The couple felt that would be very useful in the mission field as well as with their own world travels on the boat. She was gone to Washington for her course.

Patrick’s mother came out for a week to help with the kids and free up some serious boat building time.

When the wind came up, Patrick’s mother, being from Midwest tornado country,  expressed concern. Not to worry said Patrick. This is North Carolina and Hurricane season hasn’t started yet.

Still a littler nervous, Mother gathered the two young nieces she had brought along and huddled in the tiny bathroom like a mother hen shielding her chicks. The wind shrieked and they thought the loud rumbling noise outside was a heavy wood picnic table being blown over. The lights went out.

Blown away

Demolished building

It wasn’t until dawn that the damage was apparent.

Out of nowhere comes a wind that wreaks havoc and destruction. Do we despair even though we have been warned?

In John 16:33 Jesus warned us “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

No one was hurt. And the partially constructed boat hulls were intact.

hulls intact

Partially completed hulls intact

They will pick up the pieces. Friends and family will come again. Somehow they will find the resources to rebuild the building and continue the work they have been called to do.

The boat weathered its first storm. Patrick and Rachel have weathered many and will weather many more.

See more about their boat project at http://coolwhipfam.wordpress.com.

If you would like to help, send contributions to Patrick & Rachel Whipple 2004 Asbury Dr. Elizabeth City, NC 27909.


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