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January 13, 2011 09:50

New Year’s Resolutions for State Legislators

Sixteen ideas to push in your state legislatures. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. – Thomas Jefferson

November 1, 2010 07:08

Obama Justice Dept. Denies Military Vote, Blames GOP

The head of the Obama Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Tom Perez, admitted this week that he has no real intention of trying to assure that members of our military are afforded their right to vote, and will not attempt in a timely fashion to enforce the MOVE Act (Military and Overseas Voter Empower Act) intended to make sure that our soldiers get their ballots with time enough to return them so that they can be counted on election day.

November 1, 2010 04:04

Halloween vote fraud recap by Glenn Beck

Grab your candy corn and get ready to have the ‘bat snot’ scared out of you- It’s Glenn Beck’s Halloween Election Special. Expect intimidation. Expect fraud. But make your voice heard.

October 28, 2010 05:17

Teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid

Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State announced that voters can be provided “free food” at “voter turnout events.” Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid. – Las Vegas Sun

October 19, 2010 04:24

The Democrats Will Steal the Election if We Let Them

The longstanding Democrat tactic of stealing elections threatens a reappearance on November 2. It would be foolish to pretend otherwise and rely on the voters’ voice to be heard merely because the public has turned on the Democrats.

September 28, 2010 13:02

FEC overrules staff attorney, drops SEIU case

Despite a finding by the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel that the Service Employees International Union violated election law when it required local affiliates to contribute to its political action fund, the FEC’s full board nonetheless quietly voted to overrule its staff attorney and dismissed the original complaint — clearing the way for the union to squeeze its locals to amass a $9 million war chest for the next election.

September 28, 2010 10:05

Getting out the dead vote

There are 116,000 dead eligible voters in Massachusetts. And in Florida, one major newspaper recently investigated and reported that almost 15,000 dead Floridians are still hanging around on the election rolls – just six weeks before one of the most vicious and important election cycles in our history.

September 27, 2010 15:14

Stealing the election and your right to self government

Most of the findings focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Sean Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union. Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid.

July 12, 2010 18:14

Fighting Election Fraud – what you can do

America faces an alarming threat from election fraud. AT’s Lee Cary recently pointed out the election “irregularity” problems that threaten all our states in the upcoming election cycle.

July 6, 2010 04:17

Former Chicago Machine Player Issues Warning to Sharron Angle Campaign

“Wake up and smell the bacon. They’ve been doing that in Chicago for years. Why do you think they call Cook County…crook county?”