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September 10, 2013 05:37

Bakery Forced to Close by Christophobic LGBT Attack

Klein family received death threats of hoping that their children would grow ill and die. Media headlines have branded them “Anti-Gay Bakers.”

August 8, 2013 07:05

Anti-God Dems, Obama Push Anti-Religious Judges

“It envisions a Supreme Court standing (or rather enthroned) at the apex of government, empowered to decide all constitutional questions, always and everywhere ‘primary’ in its role.”

June 10, 2013 06:17

Secretary of Gay Pride? Kerry Pushes Agenda Globally

Are these stories related? “Karzai: US Must ‘Explain’ to Muslims Why Radicalism Is Growing Amid War on Terror” and “Kerry: ‘In Africa, Asia, Europe, and Americas, Our Diplomats Are Assisting Local LGBT Organizations'” –

April 16, 2013 06:18

California’s Attack on Boy Scouts Continue

“[W]e are a little unnerved by the idea that those who currently hold political power in our State might now use that power to bankrupt any organization that does not agree with them.”

March 7, 2013 06:32

CPAC and the Gay “Conservatives”

Rather than sympathize with phony “gay conservatives,” the conservative media should examine why the Obama Justice Department is honoring a group that inspired the FRC shooting and is putting more conservatives in the crosshairs of radical homosexual activists.

October 18, 2012 07:41

Inconvenient truth: Only 3.4% of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT

The pollster called it the largest single study of the U.S. LGBT population on record. –

September 4, 2012 09:25

American Psychological Fraud: Study On Homosexuals Faulty

A new examination of the study that ‘changed psychiatric minds’ about homosexuality reveals such sloppiness that the scientific method had to have been ignored in favor of political correctness.

August 14, 2012 06:16

Politics, Culture, and Chicken

When public officials act to impede commerce based on the beliefs or speech of a free people they run afoul of the First Amendment. So much for the tolerance of the Left.

August 3, 2012 07:36

Will Huckabee Take on Panetta Over Gay Rights?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is turning the Armed Forces into an arm of the Human Rights Campaign, the major pro-homosexual rights lobby. The stakes in this battle are more than some chicken strips.

July 29, 2012 12:36

The Dumbest Word in the English Language

“It’s often lost on gay-rights groups that they and their allies are the aggressors in the culture war. Indeed, they admit to being the ‘forces of change’ and the ‘agents of progress.’ They proudly want to rewrite tradition and overturn laws.