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March 21, 2013 16:19

Dems Call Higher Spending “Draconian Cuts!”

Under the Ryan budget, spending still rises in every category (except ObamaCare, which Ryan would keep flat at zero). Outlays are still going up, but in Washington, Democrats call these “draconian cuts.”

October 18, 2012 05:31

The Point About the Debates Everyone is Missing

What matters is that the debates have made Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan look credible and allowed voters to give themselves permission to do what they have wanted to do for several years — fire Barack Obama.

October 17, 2012 05:25

Biden Auditions as Woody Woodpecker

Mocking even serious issues like Iran getting a nuclear bomb, VP Biden seems out of touch with the harsh realities facing Americans. Four years of economic suicide and all he offers is laughter and derision. Huckabee says he will do great in his next job come January, Woody Woodpecker.

October 16, 2012 09:57

Catholic Bishops Call Biden A Liar On ObamaCare

If voting Catholics exercise what fellow Catholic Nancy Pelosi mockingly called “this conscience thing,” Obama-Biden are in deep electoral trouble. – IBD

October 16, 2012 09:50

Biden Distracts While Obama Steals our Freedoms

[T]heir distractions are wearing thin and the American public are looking for a truthful assessment of our grave situation not foolish and disrespectful obfuscation.

September 12, 2012 05:07

Paul Ryan on Obama’s broken promises

Four more years of economic suicide or Romney – Ryan? The choice is clear. A mountain of debt that Obama himself called unpatriotic or a budget. The Democrats haven’t passed a budget in three years. Obama’s multi-trillion dollar spending budget didn’t receive one vote from either party.

September 10, 2012 04:15

A Bullet Train To Nowhere

Maybe there is a chance to switch from the certainty of near term collapse to the promise of at least a few more stations and a few more track changes before we hit the wall.

August 29, 2012 18:55

GOP Convention live streaming

Make a difference in this important election. Scour the 11,000 articles and videos we have on our site and email, fax, Tweet and Facebook on important issues. You choose what’s most important to you. Email headlines with links to everyone you know. Plato said that the price men pay for indifference to government is to be ruled by evil men. Get involved. It’s time to take our country back.

August 28, 2012 04:46

Paul Ryan: “We’re picking the pathway for America for a generation”

“We’ve seen what the president has offered. We’ve seen the path he has placed us on. I’s a nation in debt, it’s a nation in doubt, it’s a nation in decline.” – Ryan’s speech starts at 5:30

August 27, 2012 08:28

Granny and the Anti-Capitalist Cliff

Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” has said in essence that their should be death panels. That the seniors may not deserve the same treatment as younger people.