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March 15, 2010 06:00

Obama’s ‘reset’ foreign policy plan gets F for FAIL

“I’ll be honest with you. This is just really hard.” -Obama

March 11, 2010 06:33

Are Holder’s undisclosed legal opinions why he sides with terrorists for civilian trials

Holder has a right to his opinion, but as the nation’s top law-enforcement officer, he does not have a right to ignore the law because of his personal views.

March 10, 2010 08:39

Keep America Safe: Who Are The Al Qaeda Seven? DOJ lawyers in Obama camp that defended terrorists

Why does it seem that the Obama administration is operating AGAINST America?

March 8, 2010 05:20

ACLU Tells Obama: Keep 9/11 Trial in NY

Human rights groups criticized any move for a military trial, saying it would not provide the due process and openness needed to bring legitimacy.

March 5, 2010 06:57

Meet the DOJ Lawyers Who Defended Terrorist Detainees

As the controversy heats up over the DOJ lawyers who once represented, or advocated on behalf of, al Qaeda and Taliban members, it is worth taking a quick look at their body of work.

March 5, 2010 05:49

WH to overrule Holder, send 9/11 plotters to military commissions

As Andy Levy said on Twitter a little while ago, the most surprising part of the Washington Post scoop isn’t the decision to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into the military commission system. It’s that the White House didn’t wait until Friday night to leak it to the press:

March 5, 2010 05:10

Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters

The president’s advisers feel increasingly hemmed in by bipartisan opposition to a federal trial in New York and demands, mainly from Republicans, that Mohammed and his accused co-conspirators remain under military jurisdiction, officials said.

February 25, 2010 01:15

DOJ: Department Of Jihad?

The Justice Department employs nine lawyers previously involved in the defense of terrorist detainees. This is a colossal conflict of interest. Just whose side are they on?

February 20, 2010 06:45

Holder admits nine Obama Dept. of Justice officials worked for terrorist detainees -no wonder they want to close GITMO

Attorney General Eric Holder says nine Obama appointees in the Justice Department have represented or advocated for terrorist detainees before joining the Justice Department.