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December 8, 2010 15:51

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay Recognize Palestinian State

Last Friday Brazil took the first step and injected itself in the Middle East peace process by announcing that it recognized the state of Palestine with its borders as they were before the war of 1967.

August 17, 2010 04:03

The Iran-Latin America Relationship

In the last five years, Iran’s foreign policy has shifted from Africa towards Latin America, with the goal of, as Ahmadinejad expressed to the Venezuelan ambassador in Tehran, David Velázquez, “tying up” the United States. “The notorious shift to the left of many Latin American countries during the first decade of the twenty-first century has allowed Iran to have more success in its attempt to improve relations”.

April 8, 2010 14:19

Socializing South America

While Obama focuses on socializing the US and ignores the southern hemisphere, Hugo Chavez is expanding his influence throughout Latin America.

March 3, 2010 11:17

U.S., Spain Tie Chavez’s Venezuela to Drugs, Rebels and Plot to Kill Colombian President

Two separate probes in the United States and Spain place Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s leftist government in cahoots with Spanish and Colombian rebels in drug running, terror planning and an assassination plot to kill Colombia’s president.