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April 19, 2011 06:45

Nat’l red (Ink) alert – Uncle Sam’s sinking credit

[Obama] means to keep the spending pedal headed straight for the bankruptcy metal in flat-out pursuit of his social-redistributionist agenda.

April 19, 2011 04:53

Bill O’Reilly: “Obama believes his job is to set up a quasi socialist society”

Bill O’Reilly went off on Barack Obama tonight on The Factor. The popular host told Brit Hume, “I think absolutely the president wants to take from the rich and give to the poor.”

April 19, 2011 04:38

Thank you Barack – S&P Lowers U.S. Debt Outlook To “Negative”

Borrowing from Peter to pay Peter? Shep is misinformed on what happens if we don’t raise the debt limit. The US will not have to default on loans it will have to stop spending.

February 8, 2011 05:51

On the Down Grade

The journey to insolvency can be quick, or it can be slow, but most analysts agree that the first signpost along the way will be the withdrawal of the U.S.’s coveted Aaa bond rating. And when that happens, woe be unto him that owns government bonds.

January 28, 2011 08:18

Moody’s Says Time Running Out for U.S. as S&P Cuts Japan

Moody’s Investors Service said it may need to place a “negative” outlook on the Aaa rating of U.S. debt sooner than anticipated as the country’s budget deficit widens.