Junk science junket to Copenhoaxen blows over a MILLION $

January 25, 2010 06:55

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., is a key climate change player. He went to Copenhagen last year. Last week, we asked him about the $2,200-a-day bill for room and food. “I can’t believe that,” Rep. Waxman said. “I can’t believe it, but I don’t know.”

Pelosi’s office did offer an explanation for the high room charges. Those who stayed just two nights were charged a six-night minimum at the five-star Marriott. One staffer said, they strongly objected to no avail. You may ask how they’ll negotiate a climate treaty, if they can’t get a better deal on hotel rooms. FULL STORY

Pelosi only one of several arrogant legislators making the American people hope for a change.

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