New Climate Propaganda Website with Your Tax Dollars

February 16, 2010 08:01

February 16, 2010 via American Thinker

New climate education website missing some key data

Jason T. Moore

There is a new NOAA climate education website linked up from the National Weather Service homepage. In watching some of the videos on this new site, it’s quite clear that the intent is pushing forward the idea AGW.  Obviously our tax dollars hard at work for us!
To get a feel for the information provided, watch the video about Dr. Susan Solomon (2007 Nobel Peace Prize recipient and IPCC panel member) winning the 2009 Volvo Environment Prize.  It is heavily bent on AGW which is unacceptable especially considering the whole Climategate fiasco we’re living through now. 

If you can make it through the 10:41mins of pontifications, the very end is quite ironic (too bad the videos are not dated) with Dr. Solomon closing out the video with the line, “It’s just amazing how powerful science is, facts can actually move mountains.”  What is also very well known is that facts can not only move mountains, but facts can also erode them away with time like wind and water.  Unabridged scientific data peer reviewed by an unabridged scientific audience is the only science that can be accurately called “science”.  Anything less is just a bunch of words and numbers picked out of thin air to push an agenda. 

Science is very strict in how it is defined and as such should be given deference in the court of public opinion.  Those who espouse and use the scientific method are entrusted with a special responsibility to the world.  When this trust is breached, especially on the scale of Climategate, the scientists pushing their “settled science data” should be castigated in both the court of public and scientific opinion. 

If certain individuals are found to have knowingly covered up provable data contrary to their “accepted” scientific conclusions, their tenure should be withdrawn and career ended.  In certain instances such as Climategate, the primary conspirators should be brought up on fraud charges since their “science” (bought with taxpayer money) sought to cripple the world economy with a special focus placed squarely on the American free enterprise system.

The rogues’ gallery of government that is the Obama Administration continues to grow day by day.

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