New York Times spins poll on Obama into outright propaganda

February 15, 2010 05:43

By: Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor  Washington Examiner
02/14/10 4:12

Reading those graphs might well lead one to conclude that, while the president certainly has some problems, his difficulties are less severe than those facing Republicans and he enjoys significant public support on his major policies.

But a dramatically different picture emerges when you dig into the data.

Take, for example, question number three where the survey asks people if they think the country is “generally going in the right direction” or has “pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track,” a question this particular poll has been asking since the first Bush administration.

The highest approval point since 1991 was right after 9/11 when 64 percent said the country was going in the right direction, while the lowest point was the abyssmal seven percent who said so in October 2008 during the economic meltdown.

How has the public responded during Obama’s first year in office? His high point came in May 2009 with 45 percent saying he had the country headed in the right direction, while 48 percent said it was going the wrong direction.

But the worse news for Obama is the fact the right track percentage has been headed steadily down ever since, reaching its lowest percent under him in the most recent survey at 33 percent. Fully 62 percent of the respondents said the country is headed in the wrong direction under Obama.

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