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February 15, 2010 03:20

By Jim O’Neill Sunday, February 14, 2010 via Canada Free Press

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”—Japanese Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor (from the film “Tora! Tora! Tora!”)

“You’ve awakened a sleeping giant.”— Katy Abram to Sen. Arlen Spector at a Town Hall meeting, early August, 2009

In a recent article in “The Weekly Standard,” Jeff Bergner wrote about the American Narrative—how it has been written by the Left; adopted by our culture, and accepted by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Bergner says that the Narrative goes something like this: From its founding, America has been working towards the ideal of equality for all.  This goal is an inevitable certainty, although it must be aided now and again by the use of will, and power.  The best means of ensuring equality for all, is through the auspices of strong government entitlement programs.

Those who oppose the Narrative are evil, backward, selfish rubes, who place their own self-interest before the welfare of others.  The Narrative also says that American exceptionalism is a misguided, parochial elitism, that prevents world peace, and encourages a divisive American arrogance.

The Left wrote the Narrative in order to supplant America’s real Narrative, and it has been disseminated via Progressive journalists, academics, and politicians for over a century.  It has been repeated so pervasively, and insistently, that it is now taken as a matter of course by most people.  It is, however, a lie.

In his article, Bergner quotes Progressive scribe and pundit, Walter Lippmann, opining in 1932.  “In the name of progress, men who call themselves communists, socialists, fascists…progressives, and even liberals, are unanimous in holding that government with its instruments of coercion, must by commanding the people how they shall live, direct the course of civilization….”

Got it?  That’s progressivism in a nutshell.  “We the people” are to be “commanded” and “coerced” by a tyrannical government, into doing what a Progressive elite feels is best for the collective.  Social engineering at its reprehensible and vile “best.”

You should note that Lippmann shows no hesitation in lumping fascists in with communists, progressives, socialists, and liberals.  Before the advent of WW II, it was accepted wisdom among the left-wing intelligentsia that fascism was one of “their” doctrines.  Hitler and Mussolini were lionized by the Left.

So when you’re adding up the bloody body-count of failed leftist regimes of the last century, don’t forget to add Hitler and Mussolini to the list of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.  Left-wing totalitarian governments always work out so well (that’s sarcasm).

The Left never learns.  It’s as if they have some sort of selective amnesia when it comes to their innumerable murderous screw-ups.  So we need to remember for them.  “We the people” need to constantly remind ourselves that these morally stunted, ethically challenged, fiscal morons, are dangerous to themselves, and humanity as a whole.

These regressive Progressives are forever “running with scissors,” and if they don’t hurt themselves, they will certainly hurt you.  They’re about as future oriented as a twig hut.  Their “Progressive” agenda consists of an updated, snazzy, “new and improved” return to serfdom, for “we the people.”

NWO (New World Order) Progressives come in both left and right-wing varieties, of course—although the left-wing takes “pride of place” for blind adherence to the idiotic notions of progressivism.

The hothouse conceptual inbreeding of the left-wing intelligentsia, has resulted in more economic fiascoes than any other political entity—nobody else even comes close.  I get the feeling that they take some sort of perverse pride in this fact.  “We’re too smart to be bothered by facts, history, or common sense.”  Morons.

America’s current crop of Progressives look to Eurabia’s (formerly Europe) governments, as ideals for America to strive toward.  Yes indeed, a veritable cornucopia of largess, wealth, and equality.  Not.

Eurabia: Progressive’s vaunted political template

Greece is on the brink of civil war, Spain’s “green jobs” initiative is a disaster, France is a simmering multicultural pressure-cooker, free speech is ever more muzzled, and the European Union’s economy is falling apart.  This is the Progressive’s vaunted political template?  Well, they can keep it—“we the people” want nothing to do with that mess.

So what do we want?  What is America’s true Narrative?  There are several variations, but the basic story-line goes something like this:

America was started as a great experiment—one believed by its founders to be divinely ordained.  The world had never seen such a country before, and to this day, it is in many ways still unique.

America was founded upon the bedrock foundation, that God had endowed its citizens with certain unalienable (therefore untouchable) rights.  Among these untouchable rights were liberty (personal freedom), life, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Founding Fathers wrote a legal document (the Constitution), designed to protect the rights of the citizens, and restrict the role of government.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights were specifically written to protect American citizens from the stifling interference of an overreaching and tyrannical government.

All of America’s citizens were considered to be equal—not in any physical sense, of course, but because each of them had a similar divine spark from their Creator.  On the mundane physical level, America strove for equality by attempting to build a level playing field of equal opportunities for all.  Opportunities—not entitlements.

Personal-responsibility, honesty, charity, hard work, courage, and faith, were watchwords for individual conduct.  An entrepreneurial spirit, a capitalist market economy, and a merit system based on performance, were important elements of a hugely successful national character.

Most importantly, America was founded with a profound appreciation of God, based on Judeo/Christian principles.  This, of course, meant a deep respect for truth, for “…the truth shall set you free.”  George Washington’s admonition to “seek truth and pursue it steadily,” applied to the country, as well as individuals.

With God, personal liberty, and truth, as a personal and national North Star, Americans haltingly, but steadily, prospered as individuals, and as a nation.  Then along came the Progressives.

The Progressives started rewriting the American Narrative at the turn of the last century, and they’ve been at it ever since.  They have downplayed, minimized, and ignored America’s greatness, while they isolated, magnified, and exaggerated any of her faults.

Because the main tomes of the Left are all atheistic, their stock in trade is half-truths, perversions of the truth, and outright lies.  Their ultimate fallback position is nihilism, chaos, and a bleak void.  Make no mistake, they are in direct opposition to honor, integrity, and spiritual truth—truth in any form, for that matter.

One need only look at the Progressive’s lie of “man made global warming” in order to see their duplicitous modus operandi.  The whole “green agenda”—Agenda 21, sustainable development, climate change, et al.—is nothing but an elaborate ruse, designed to steal our freedom, break the back of the middle-class, and destroy America’s sovereignty.

Progressives would have us narcissistically immerse ourselves in “Sex and Soma,”  and worship at the feet of Gaia (Mother Earth), while they strip away our last remnants of freedom, honor, and dignity.

It is past time “we the people” took back the American Narrative

How thoroughly Progressive—to praise glitter, exalt the crass, worship the creation, and ignore the Creator.

It is past time “we the people” took back the American Narrative, and replaced the perverted lie fed to us by Progressive journalists, entertainers, academics, lawyers, and politicians over the decades.

It is time to return to America’s roots, to our original Narrative.  It is an old Narrative, but because it is based on truth, it is an ever green and fresh Narrative.  It is the only Narrative that will return America to sanity, and allow us to face the future with vigor, inspiration, and hope.  It is America’s real Narrative.

It is time to again extol the virtues of personal-responsibility, honesty, charity, hard work, courage, and faith.  It is time to eradicate the insidious spread of sustainable development, social justice, political correctness, entitlement, and all of the other Progressive horses—t.

“We the people”—a sleeping giant—have indeed awakened from a long slumber.  And we did not wake up in a good mood.

We don’t much like the fact that the Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Bilderberg’s, Soros’, etc., and international banking cartels, have been gutting our economy, robbing us, and stealing our children’s future.  We don’t like the fact that America is in hock to foreign interests—whether through financial ineptitude, or design, is besides the point.

We don’t like the fact that our borders are open to all comers; that we are STILL dependent on foreign oil, and that the current Administration treats enemy combatants with more respect than our own troops.  Nor do we like the government’s fiscal insanity, which is either (1) a sign of greed and economic idiocy, and/or (2) an intentional ploy to destroy America as a world power.

We don’t like the politically correct “hands off” policy toward Muslims who are seeking America’s destruction, in order to create a world-wide Islamic caliphate.  We don’t like the anti-American indoctrination that has replaced education in our schools.

We don’t like the fact that we have a POTUS, whose past history is largely a cipher to “we the people”—except for two self-serving “autobiographies,” of course.

Well, the list does goes on—we’ve been lulled to sleep for a long time.  But we’re awake now, and you had better believe it.  “We the people” are up; getting our bearings, and preparing for the long haul.

The press, political pundits, and TV “talking heads,” are talking about how the elections this November might be as dramatic as the elections of 1994.  Trust me, 1994 was nothing.  You wait until November 2010, and you’ll see something to write home about.  And November will just be the opening salvo.

Republicans take note; you are no safer than the Democrats.  Although the stink gets worse the farther left you go, there is nobody in Congress that is above scrutiny, and Republicans will be replaced as needed—and there will be a need.

Republican bigwigs say that we need to appeal to moderates—that the Republicans need a “big tent.”  Well, “we the people” don’t want a frigging tent—we want our country back!

We aren’t waiting until November to start taking action either.  Several states are currently passing legislation to take back their sovereignty, and telling the Feds to back off.  Various ad hoc organizations are fighting restrictive, unconstitutional laws passed by Progressive judges.  People are speaking up against the madness in ever increasing numbers. (Here and here.)

“We the people” have a message for the Progressives, or whatever label the anti-American NWO scumbags are hiding behind—whether they are smooth talking politicos, or violent radicals.  “We reject your perverse left-wing agendas, and if you have a problem with that, bring it on.”

On second thought, there’s no need to bring it on—we’ll bring it to you.  Just wait.

Laus Deo.

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