USAID Steers No-Bid Haiti Contract to ‘Politically Connected’ Firm of Bill Clinton Friend-We Told You This Would Happen

February 17, 2010 06:01’s James Rosen reports – the second no-bid contract the agency has been found to have awarded since the start of the year, despite a long history of vows by President Obama to crack down on the practice. The first, awarded on Jan. 4 and worth nearly $25 million, was steered to a firm owned by a donor to the Obama presidential campaign, for legal work in Afghanistan. The cancellation of that contract was announced by the State Department shortly after Fox News reported its existence on Jan. 25. 

USAID’s latest no-bid contract, worth close to $100,000, was awarded on Jan. 18 to the GlobalOptions Group for work in earthquake-stricken Haiti, where Clinton is the U.N. special envoy and is helping to lead private fundraising efforts.  Read the FULL STORY here.

But what is really interesting is that we saw this one coming. We reported on Bill Clinton’s shady past in dealings with Haiti when it was announced that he was appointed by the UN to head up Haiti relief. A pile of money already reaching over 1/2 a billion dollars was too big of a piece of cheese to keep Bill Clinton away. 

MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY, a Wall Street Journal editor, writes in her January 24, 2010 column that ‘As one Haitian told me, if the country is ever to develop it needs “to rely less on cronyism and more on transparency and the vast resources of the Haitian expat community.” That would disqualify Bill Clinton.’

She goes on to expose a history of corruption and sleazy payoffs on the Clinton watch while Haitians complained of human rights abuses and corruption. ‘The upshot here is that clintonista activity in Haiti was not the work of foreigners deeply committed to the well-being of a long-suffering people. Instead, it capitalized on the chance to make money using government power.’ Read her full column here.

Put Bill Clinton anywhere near a pile of money and this is just a hint of the corruption that will result.

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