Did Sarah Palin screw up in Kentucky?

March 1, 2010 09:00

Little known but rising star with the people, Bill Johnson is a Navy veteran who has never aspired to political office but wants to serve the people.

Bill Johnson’s website www.KentuckyBill.com

The other to candidates in the Republican primary are former Democrat and Clinton supporter Trey Grayson the Republican establishment’s pick and Ron Paul protege Rand Paul (yes they’re related). Trey Grayson quoted Rand Paul’s answer on what to do with the prisoners in Gitmo. “That’s a tough one. I don’t know what you do with them. I think they should mostly be sent back to their country of origin or, to tell the truth, I’d drop them off back in battle. If you’re not going to convict them and you can’t convict them, and you’re unclear, drop them off back into Afghanistn. It would take them a while to get back over here.”  Rand Paul bragged about Palin’s support. Maybe she should have checked out ALL the candidates first.

Here is Grayson quoting Rand Paul:

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