Health care destruction bill down to the wire

March 20, 2010 09:34

Teague To Vote No; Pelosi’s Margin Now Zero

Ed Carson at IBD writes

Harry Teague of New Mexico will vote no.

I had hoped to have a chance to vote on a bill that provided affordable health care options to all American families, but after reviewing the final health care reform proposal, I do not believe that the bill does enough to contain costs and it definitely does not do enough to rein in the out of control insurance companies that are driving up healthcare costs in this country. In fact, I believe we are doing more for the insurance companies than we are for the people who need this coverage, and that is why, despite the positive steps it takes, I must vote against this bill.

By some measures Teague was viewed as a lean no, by others undecided. The road to victory for Pelosi without an abortion deal is narrowing. The liberal now says Pelosi may have to run the table to win without the Stu-pack.


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