Millennials, Front and Center!

March 5, 2010 11:05

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March 4, 2010

All right! We blew it! We totally fell for the oldest trick in the book and now we look like hopeless idiots in front of the whole world. What was our mistake? Youth. The veracity of naivete that only comes with inexperience, adolescence and a total lack of responsibility. Characterized by our decision to participate in an election, support a candidate most of us believed in and show the world that we too, could be advocates for hope and change and a better world.

We should have known better. At least, with all the education we have had, you would think we might have picked up a thing or two in history class. But no, we made the same mistake just as naturally and easily as the generation before us, the generation before them, and so forth…

Despite all our potential and the efforts of our elders, we allowed propaganda to move us when it was there to seduce us; zeitgeist, to inspire us when it was there to distract us.

Welcome to the 21st Century and the Age of Information Technology, ushering in a new generation with all the hopes, dreams, ideals and utopianism of youth. We Millennials stand at the cusp of assuming our role in the future of our country, our world and our culture.

And we are just as stupid.


First, let’s admit we made a big mistake in the 2008 election. At least we can recognize our failure, move on and start to correct it.

The world perceives us as juvenile. Our elders look on us with doubt. And we look upon ourselves and know we are better than this. It’s not 1965 anymore and the kids who show up at political rallies acting like it’s another Woodstock are just indulging the AARP Members who are living vicariously through them.

If you really want to drag this out, then continue dithering over who’s wrong and who’s right and who’s to blame. The ugly truth is that we all share blame, we all are right and we all are wrong. Honestly, we could lose the redundant rhetoric altogether.

We are all better, much better than this and we know it. We are the Millennial Generation, stepping into the 21st Century, not with hesitation, but with purpose and with virtue. We owe it to one another to hold a higher standard than before. Let’s learn our lesson and not fall for the propaganda, the Mainstream Media or the lazy speeches that reassure us that we do live in an age of hope and change.

Most of all, it is time for Our Voice to be heard. Enough with allowing others to speak for us, to represent us and define who we are and who we will become. We know now the voracity of youth is our weakness. No one thought we’d notice any exploitation but guess what? We have.

We understand why we should not ask what our country can do for us.

Instead, we want to know what we must do for our country.

Let’s get to work.

Copyright 2010 by Kimberly Cox

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