Now we get it -NASA climate hoax advocate was competing for $100,000 prize -he won!

April 9, 2010 03:15

U.S. climate scientist James Hansen won a $100,000 environmental prize Wednesday for decades of work trying to alert politicians to what he called an unsolved emergency of global warming.  (same guy that was involved in the coming ice age scare in the seventies)

What a crock! Not only have we seen manipulated and missing data, but now we find out there is a $100,000 payoff for the person with the most hype for the hoax.

Reuters reports that Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies since 1981, born in 1941, will visit Oslo in June to collect the Sophie Prize, set up in 1997 by Norwegian Jostein Gaarder, the author of the 1991 best-selling novel and teenagers’ guide to philosophy “Sophie’s World.”

Of course! Oslo, as in Norway, the same place that gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything AND the very same place that gave Al Gore the Nobel Prize for perpetuating and promoting the very same climate hoax to hysterical proportions.

Its just crazy how looney people get when they get a ton of money to spend that’s not theirs.

P.S. — The Washington Times reported that NASA scientist James E. Hansen, who has publicly criticized the Bush administration for dragging its feet on climate change and labeled skeptics of man-made global warming as distracting “court jesters,” appears in a 1971 Washington Post article that warns of an impending ice age within 50 years.

Guess there wasn’t a big enough cash prize for that hoax.

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